Infectious Disease Countermeasures

for your safe visit

Primary Countermeasures

Ventilation and Sanitation

  • Regularly ventilated with outside air.
  • Opening of establishment doors.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas.
  • Disinfection of establishment items.
  • Disinfection of uniforms after each use.
  • Wearing uniforms is optional.
    • *Some Activities require the use of some items for safety or hygiene purposes.
  • Antibacterial coating on tables, chairs, benches, handrails and other commonly touched surfaces.

Health Management of Employees

  • Employee temperature is checked before work begins and must not exceed 37.0 degrees celsius.
  • Employees wear non-woven masks and disinfect their hands regularly.

Cooperation with Guests

  • Masks are optional for guests at KidZania, however masks are recommended for certain Activities, so we ask for your cooperation by bringing your own mask to KidZania.
  • Please check your temperature when entering KidZania.
    • *Individuals with a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees celsius will not be able to enter KidZania.
  • We ask guardians for their cooperation in helping kids put on uniforms.
  • *The above information is current as of March 13, 2023. The information may be changed in accordance with the guidance and regulations set by the government.