Perform a show under the stage lights!

Fashion Shows, Theater plays (Peter Pan), Live Comedy and a Parade, the Theater has it all!
Anyone can enter the Theater, and you can even eat or drink in your seat, so it is the perfect place to take a break!
For most of the shows, you will get a DVD of your performance to take home with you! For the Parade you can get a group photo to take home!
※The Theater Program may be changed due to operational circumstances. Please contact the Theater staff or Program guide inside the Theater for details.

Duration 40~60 mins
Suggested Age 3 - 15 years old
Industry Partner's Site 松竹芸能株式会社

What You Can Do


Put on a costume, practice your lines and movements, then perform on stage in front of the audience! Perform skits to make everyone laugh during Live Comedy or perform in a play to tell a story!

  • Wear stage clothes.
  • Perform on stage to get applause.

Fashion Model

Wear fashionable clothes that follow a theme as a Fashion Model in the Fashion Show! Practice your walk and pose to bring out the best aspects of the clothes in front of the audience!

  • Wear fashionable clothes.

Parade Dancer

Practice the choreography and dance your way around the streets of KidZania! Take home a photo of yourself in your costume!

  • Dance to a fun song.
  • Dance in front of everyone.

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